About the team

Eddie J. Molina

Software Engineer graduted at Universidad de Las Americas, Puebla, México. Professor and Software developer at CRECTEALC (Centro de Estudios en Ciencia y Tecnología Espacial para América Latina y el Caribe), an United Nations office established at INAOE, Santa María Tonantzintla, Puebla. As an on line Journalist, I manage a constantly increasing list of articles at eZine Articles and Street Articles on-line authoring sites. You can see the articles list at the Related Articles and the Visit our friends section.

As a side activity, me and other colleagues are interested in offering on-line support and counseling on divorce avoiding, fixing relationship breakups and issues arising from this problems like addictions and depression. Our on-line services are devoted mainly to depressed people trying to find on-line advice and resources to cope with their situation. We are people deeply concerned about constantly increasing divorce and suicide rates, mainly among teenage people. After a deep research we have discovered that the main reason and the basic origin of a high percentage of this problems are relationship instability, break ups and divorces, which not only produce elder people health and mental issues (among the two persons involved into breaking a relationship), but additionally depression and mental troubles among children and teenage people involved in the problem. In both sides there is a need of support and counseling to avoid the separation and to overcome the side effects.

We are trying to get a broader on-line reach for the help offered by specialized people like:

T Dub Jackson on fixing breaking up relations.

Tibor Palatinus, as a hard drugs addiction recovery counselor.

We'd like to give our special thanks to:
Gaby Torrentera for the graphics design support.
Michael Hathaway, our English proofreader.

Our psychologist Thor Medina, for your valuable content consultory.
... and for all the friends, members and family who support this Blog!

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